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Chad Mavety, '14 4-star JUCO OL, talks Ohio State offer, future visits w/LGHL

The 2013 recruiting class was a successful on every level, but coach Meyer made it clear he was disappointed at the lack of offensive linemen signed. The Buckeyes are trying harder to land the best linemen in the country in '14.

'14 JUCO OL Chad Mavety is visiting Ohio State the weekend of April 6th. What does he think about the Buckeyes?
'14 JUCO OL Chad Mavety is visiting Ohio State the weekend of April 6th. What does he think about the Buckeyes?

After making it clear to the media that coach Meyer and his staff weren't entirely pleased with how they recruited offensive linemen, Ohio State has made signing that particular position a focus point in the class of 2014. It started off quickly, with '14 OL commit Marcelys Jones and '14 OL commit Kyle Trout giving their verbal pledge to the Buckeyes and since then, coach Meyer hasn't taken his foot off of the gas.

While looking for new talent, there's no harm in taking a JUCO route, which is exactly what the staff may have in mind with '14 JUCO OL Chad Mavety. Ohio State offered Mavety recently, February 1st, and has since been in constant contact with the star lineman. Checking in at 6'6", 320-pounds, Mavety is rated a 4-star and the second best player in the country for the JUCO level. Mavety also holds an offer from perennial power Alabama, including just about the rest of the country: Florida State, Michigan State, Miami, Oklahoma, West Virginia and many more. Most recently, Mavety received an offer from Rutgers (March 15th) and Connecticut (March 6th).

We spoke with Mavety, to catch up on his latest updates on where schools stand, and in particular, what his interest level is with the Buckeyes:

You recently received an offer from Ohio State. What were you feeling when you found out?

I was really excited about it. It felt really good knowing that a big-time program was interested in what I could bring to their team.

What are your thoughts on Ohio State in general?

Ohio State is a great school with a large fan base that supports all of the teams, so I know that the fans will support their athletes no matter what.

Have you talked with any of the coaching staff recently? What have they said?

I talk to coach Meyer and offensive line coach (Ed) Warinner at least once a week. Both of them want to start a relationship with me so that I feel more comfortable about Ohio State. Recently, they told me I'm their number one tackle on their board, so they just want me to keep working hard.

What are you most looking forward to seeing when you take an unofficial visit during the weekend of April 6th?

When I visit April 6th, I'll be attending with my high school coach. Both my coach and I would really love to see what the whole experience of being a Buckeye really is, and if I would make a good fit on their team.

How did your season go from a personal standpoint? Did you meet any of your
goals that you might have made?

Overall, I had a good season but I set high standards for myself every day so that continue to work hard and become the best I can be.

Do you currently have any favorites right now?

At this time, I don't have any favorites, but I'll be starting to get my list together in the next couple of months.

Any idea when you might try and make a decision?

Right now, I'm not quite sure when I'm going to make a decision. If I had to say, it will most likely come after my season this coming fall.

What are the biggest factors when making your decision?

The biggest factors to me are just trusting the coaches and knowing they're going to be there in the long run. Another important thing for me is just seeing if it's my type of offense and the potential of me getting on the field right away and being an impact player.

Are you planning on taking any official visits to Ohio State?

I'm taking an unofficial on April 6th as you mentioned, but I will most likely be taking an official visit to Ohio State on November 22nd, for the Ohio State-Indiana game.

Do you talk with any other recruits about coming to Ohio State?

No, I haven't really talked to any recruits about anything yet, but when I start taking visits to schools I will probably start talking with other guys about schools.

Which player (NFL or NCAA) do you look up to, or model yourself after?

To be totally honest, my favorite player is Demarcus Ware, because I started as a defensive player in high school. On the offensive side of the ball, I'd say (49ers offensive lineman) Anthony Davis, because he's just somebody you don't want to go up against.

What are your biggest strengths as an offensive lineman?

My biggest strengths are my footwork. I move really well and I have good vision when pulling to the second level. It doesn't matter how fast you are, I will catch you if you're a linebacker.

Is there anything you can improve on?

I can improve on everything, I try to get better at everything I do, day in and day out.

We'd like to thank Chad Mavety for his time and thoughts, and wish him the best of luck with his recruitment. For a look at what Mavety brings to the college field, check out his highlight film: