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Ohio State recruiting: '14 RB commit Parris Campbell talks Buckeyes and more

Providing you all a little March Madness break before the Buckeyes tip off tomorrow, we caught up with the sole Ohio State running back commit for 2014, Parris Campbell. Campbell discusses the chances he runs track at Ohio State, other schools currently recruiting him, and the likelihood his teammate Dante Booker ends up a Buckeye too.

Parris Campbell (left) discusses his early Buckeye commitment and much more
Parris Campbell (left) discusses his early Buckeye commitment and much more

Back on February 10th, coach Urban Meyer received his first running back commit for the 2014 class in Parris Campbell. While not being rated by 247Sports, Rivals, or Scout back when he became a Buckeye, Campbell is now rated a 94 overall and a 4-star recruit on 247Sports and the sixth-best running back in the nation and a 4-star recruit on Scout.

Any running back recruit who pledges to play for Coach Meyer is bound to be heavily scrutinized nationally, and look for Campbell to receive PLENTY of attention from opposing coaches, recruiting analysts, and bystanders in the coming summer and fall. Get to know the highly-heralded Buckeye pledge here, as provides great insight on his recruiting process, the chances he runs track at Ohio State, what specific schools are still trying to recruit him (hint: that school up North), the likelihood his 4-star linebacker teammate Dante Booker becomes a Buckeye, and much, much more:

First of all, congratulations on your commitment to be a Buckeye. How did it feel to pull the trigger back on February 10th?

Thank you very much. It felt really good. To end the recruiting process and tell people that I'm ending up where I always wanted to go was great.

I saw you recently set the Ohio Division 2 state indoor meet record with a 6.89 in the 60 meters. Again, congratulations, and do you plan on running track at Ohio State in addition to football?

I'm actually kind of second guessing that right now. At first, I was completely football. Now, I'm thinking about possibly changing my mind.

Looking back at last fall at St. Vincent-St. Mary, how do you think your junior season went?

It was a dream come true. The season started out, and I wasn't sure how it was going to go. I was questioning myself stepping up at the varsity level, but the outcome turned out to be great. We won the state championship and came a long way the whole season.

What about your season from a personal standpoint?

It was a standout season for me, but next year I want to do much better.

What's your favorite part about playing running back?

I like getting handoffs and pitches to the outside. I love taking the ball to the outside because when I get to the sideline, I feel like nobody can catch me.

What is your biggest strength as a football player?

I'd say my speed and vision.

What part of your game do you need to work on the most?

I can say that what I want to work on the most is hitting the hole harder. Sometimes I wait too long, and the hole closes up. I'd also like to get bigger and stronger so that I can be known as not only a speed back, but also an every down back.

Now I know you gave your pledge back to Ohio State in early February, but schools often don't stop recruiting committed players. Are any other schools other than Ohio State currently recruiting and keeping in touch with you?

Yeah, other schools are trying. The main ones are Michigan State, Tennessee, Alabama, Michigan, Wisconsin, N.C. State, and a few others. I can't think of all of them.

The main coach involved in your recruitment was Coach [Mike] Vrabel, correct? What specific role did he play in your recruitment?

Yeah, Coach Vrabel. He really made me feel at home. When we first met, I immediately noticed that he was a well-rounded guy and very accessible. When he speaks, you are immediately interested, and that's just the type of guy he is. My first time down at Ohio State, he made me feel at home and like I had no worries.

I'd say [the chances Dante Booker ends up a Buckeye are] really high -Ohio State commit Parris Campbell

Are you still working on your teammate, Dante Booker, to join you as a Buckeye commit? What do you think the chances are that he ends up a Buckeye?

Yeah, I definitely am [laughter]. The chances? I'd say they're really high [laughter].

I know it's early, but do you plan on taking official visits next fall to any other schools?

No. I'm all Ohio State.


Role Models: First of all, God. Also, my mother. Those are my two role models.

Best Subject in School: Math.

Hobbies: Track, basketball, and football. I also like to play video games sometimes [laughter].

Movies: I have a couple. Coach Carter and Remember the Titans.

TV Shows: Sportcenter.

Favorite Sports Teams: For the NBA, the Miami Heat. For the NFL, the Dallas Cowboys.

Click HERE to see what Parris will bring to the Buckeyes in a couple years.

Thanks to Parris for a great interview and taking the time to give Buckeye Nation a chance to get to know you. Good luck in your senior season.

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