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Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets, 3/21

With the NCAA Tournament all the rage, highlight tapes set the tone from a football recruiting perspective.

All eyes on Drake.
All eyes on Drake.

Much of the focus on the 2014 recruiting class in Ohio State circles of late has been on and surrounding all-everything Michigan wide receiver Drake Harris. Harris officially decommitted from Michigan State – which to be fair, he'd been committed in name only for over a month – over a week ago. Ever since, multiple fan bases have claimed Harris as their own. Just about all Michigan Wolverine fans with Internet access seem convinced Harris is the next in the long, storied line of Michigan receivers.

Of course, naturally, many Ohio State fans are saying basically the same. Do a random Twitter search for 'drake harris' at any given moment in time and you've got a better chance than not to either see a fan opining how Harris is '100% definitely going to their school' or at tweeting the athlete himself to let him know that they really don't care if he doesn't go to their school, they'll still root for him either way*.

*Because you see, by knowing their fans are altruistic, it increases the odds he'll go there, naturally)

When you actually get a look at Harris in action, it's not hard to see why there's been so much hysteria surrounding the football (and basketball) stud athlete. He put up supernatural summers this past season hauling in over 2000 yards receiving and in upwards of 20 touchdowns. At 6-3 and with natural basketball abilities as well, Harris is able to just get up and pull balls down in ways other (even very good) receiving prospects just don't have the natural ability to.

While both Ohio State and Michigan have about as good of a chance to land Harris as anyone (he's also considering a group of SEC schools, Florida and Georgia amongst them), from all the whispers we keep hearing about Harris and his relationship with Urban Meyer, not to sound all superfan, but once Meyer gets him to Columbus, we'll continue to stick to our story that the Bucks may actually pull this recruitment out yet. And you better believe fellow class of 2014-er Damon Webb is giving it his all to bring Harris to Columbus, too.

You might as well go ahead and get on the bandwagon now, while there's still room:

Speaking of highlights, another prime target for the Buckeyes released a new highlight tape late Tuesday. Class of 2014 OT Jamarco Jones, a consensus 4-star, could be the third tackle to cap out what's been a really promising to point offensive line group and more than addressed some of the trepidations about the lack of depth for future units. Check out Jones' latest:

Making the rounds in terms of Buckeye targets getting offers elsewhere, Buckeyes target S/CB Quincy Wilson was was offered by Georgia Wednesday and 4-star WR out of Phoenix, AZ Jalen Brown was offered by Michigan.

While the Buckeyes didn't match their Tuesday output (during which they offered both '16 QB Xavier Gaines and '15 LB Cecil Cherry, you can bet Meyer and his staff continue to work behind the scenes to continue establishing the foundation for future championship contender caliber sides. If you think Meyer and co. won't use Aaron Craft and the basketball Buckeyes' Friday night game as a reason to touch base with some of the best prospects nationwide, you haven't been paying attention.