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This video will get you ready for 2013 Ohio State spring football

Ready for spring practices to get started? You are now.

Hype videos aren't normally our thing. Sure, some audio-video inspiration to get you ready for a big sporting event is nice, but do we really need one to get us geared up and ready to run through a wall for practices that ultimately just serve as a lead up to a glorified intrasquad scrimmage? That answer is surprisingly a resounding yes.

Per the ringing endorsement of one Mark Pantoni, founder, president and CEO of #JUICE International, we took it upon ourselves to see what one last motivational offering pre-spring football could potentially bring to the table. And well, the results speak for themselves. Without warning, I found myself engaged in an impromptu Quick Cals session, basically searching every which way I could for the nearest tackling dummy (or an oblivious innocent bystander to serve in its place).

But upon consuming all six minutes, we decided to give it a second watch to try and pinpoint exactly what about it made it so effective. Here, in chronological order, are the reasons why this video is the bees knees, as the kids1 are saying :

  1. Lightning
  2. "Hell's Bells"
  3. The comfortable confines o the Ohio State campus area
  4. Quick Cals (try and not do them)
  5. Random Nike Pro Combat uniform b-roll
  6. Urban Meyer imploring us to be angry
  7. Tim Tebow saying he's an Ohio State fan... OK
  8. President Obama doing an "O-H" because, alright
  9. The Mirror Lake Jump
  10. Swedish House Mafia's Save the World (Tonight). Well sure.
  11. A weird graphical homage implying Jim Tressel, uh, died...or something?
  12. A montage of defeating Wisconsin. Always apropos
  13. One of beating Michigan. Even better!
  14. Braxton Miller running in fast forward...because why not
  15. Devin Smith's catch, natch
  16. Music from Christopher Nolan's Batman trilogy. Here's hoping the Buckeyes dodge Bane on their home football schedule this coming fall

And really, that's all it takes to deliver home an effective hype video. So what was your favorite part of this particular offering?

1. This may or may not be referring to the year 1927.