Updated Ohio State roster unveils new player numbers

RIP, Adam Griffin's wearing of #9. - Kirk Irwin

Ohio State's released an updated roster that includes a number of new and updated uniform numbers – as well as which numbers the incoming freshmen and transfers will be wearing. Here are some the highlights:

For whatever reason, Jordan Hall is still listed as #7, Rod Smith at #2, and Devin Smith as #15. Incoming freshman Ezekiel Elliott had previously revealed he'd be wearing #15 and it'd been thought Smith would assume his old high school number of 9. Hall and Smith were expected to switch jerseys.

UPDATE: After the first practice of spring 2013, per the intrepid Jeff Svoboda, Smith was in factor wearing #9, while Evan Spencer has switched to #6, Ron Tanner to #20, and Craig Cataline to #49. Still no new numbers for Hall or Smith, at least not yet.

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