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Alex Trebek lets everyone know it's The Ohio State University

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Ohio State had a prominent place on this past Monday's episode of 'JEOPARDY!'. The category in question was "Ohio History", so it was only natural for many of our alma mater (and the school of the rest of our allegiances) to find its way into one of the questions.

After host Alex Trebek read the answer contestant Tom Lynn, a property manager from Baltimore, Maryland, rang in and answered "Ohio State". Without hesitance, Trebek went ahead and put Lynn (and everyone else thinking otherwise) in their place. Of course Lynn was still given credit for his answer, which I suppose is a matter for another debate in another time.

For the record, the rest of the answers were as follows. For $400, "In an 1835 "war" Ohio got Toledo & this state got its upper peninsula" (Michigan), for $600, "People laughed when Dayton's James Ritty added a bell to this store device, but the noise deterred theft" (the cash register), for $800 "Little Turtle fought off U.S. troops as chief of this Ohio (not Florida) tribe" (Miami), and finally, for $1000, "During the Civil War, Ohio Rep. Clement Vallandigham was a leader of these "snaky" antiwar northerners" (The Copperheads).

Go Buckeyes.