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2013 Ohio State Spring Game: Braxton Miller touchdown pass give Scarlet 6-0 lead

The Ohio State Buckeyes head south to Cincinnati for their 2013 spring game, pitting Scarlet against Gray. How's the crowd? Will Brutus take the field (again)? Find out.

Heisman hopeful Braxton Miller led the opening scoring drive for the Scarlet Team.
Heisman hopeful Braxton Miller led the opening scoring drive for the Scarlet Team.

Hello from Paul Brown Stadium, where Ohio State has just sped through their first 10 minute quarter. Here's a few quick notes:

- Position watch: Chase Ferris got the start for the Scarlet team (the starting offensive line) at right tackle.

- The first play from scrimmage was a 49-yard Braxton Miller pass to Evan Spencer. The pass should've been a touchdown as Spencer was past the safety, but the receiver slipped extending for the ball. Two players later Miller would leave the pocket and wave Devin Smith into position for a 20-yard TD pass..

- The Gray team failed to convert on their opening drive when a six-play drive ended on a 28-yard missed field goal from Drew Basil.

- On his next drive, Miller was "sacked" four times, underthrew one receiver and gained a first down from a blatant PI call downfield. Two players later he brilliantly evaded a collapsing pocket but struggled to throw his receiver open.

- Receiver Corey Brown dropped a gimmie pass on a wide open crossing pattern. He hauled in a quick, tight pass on an out route the next play.

- The pregame ended with both teams meeting a midfield for a bull ring / big cat drill with respective positions from Scarlet and Gray going at each other. It culminated with quarterbacks Braxton Miller and Kenny Guiton locking up to a consensus stalemate.

- Linebacker Ryan Shazier is in pads after missing most of the spring with a sports hernia, but not expected to play. Not dressed out today: Bradley Roby (shoulder), Rod Smith (concussion) and Nick Vannett (concussion).