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Ohio State spring football practice: April 2nd expert observations

See what the experts are saying about Tuesday, April 2, 2013's spring football practice.

Braxton Miller was dinged up during Tuesday's practice but ultimately fine.
Braxton Miller was dinged up during Tuesday's practice but ultimately fine.

Ohio State's April 2 practice proved to be one rather afflicted by the injury bug. After quarterback Braxton Miller apparently took a spill following an overly aggressive teammate's hit (worry not Ohio State fans; the potential Heisman finalist was just fine, even after taking the lick from potential breakout defensive end sophomore Noah Spence), Urban Meyer announced to the media gathered at the practice that backup offensive lineman Antonio Underwood would be likely missing the 2013 football season with injury.

Media types, fans, and casual observers alike often joke that one could just take a bunch of pre-canned responses (e.g. "they're looking better and better each day", "[so and so] really looks the part", and the like) and you'd be able to describe just about every spring football practice press conference ever. But then there are days like today when the feedback channel almost universally seems to be unwanted.

Overall though, it sounds like the rest of the spring practice went mostly as expected. With the 2013 spring game rapidly approaching (just a week from Saturday at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati), we should be reaching resolution a lot sooner rather than later on this latest round of least until summer ball comes.

Here were the highlights from what the experts observed from this afternoon's practice: