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So you drafted Ohio State's Reid Fragel?

Your favorite NFL team drafted Reid Fragel? Congratulations. See what you can expect from your new potential future right tackle.

Reid Fragel (center), has the potential to become a staple on your offensive line.
Reid Fragel (center), has the potential to become a staple on your offensive line.
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Reid Fragel is a guy that you probably don't know a lot about, and for most fans, you've probably never heard of Fragel unless you're a serious draftnik, a fan of Ohio State, or both.

But that's okay, because we here at Land-Grant Holy Land are here to give you the full scoop on Fragel, and between me and you–you've got yourself a steal. A bit of a project, sure, which is why you're going to get him where you do, but a steal none the less.

And when he does develop into a solid starter, you'll be able to make all the 'Fragel Rock' puns you want and no one will think any less of you.

Fragel originally came to Ohio State as a tight end, but as the coaching staff transitioned from Jim Tressel to Urban Meyer, the offensive line position was thin. Fragel, who was entering his senior season in Meyer's inaugural season, was asked (or asked, per him) to move from TE to right tackle, after not having played any o-line since high school.

Fragel played well in his only season on the line, which is why he's a middle round grade guy. In many ways, he's still very raw. His athleticism and his size (6'8", 310) is a unique combination that he used to his advantage regularly last season, and very often he was able to beat an opponent just on physical abilities alone.

However, he still needs a lot of work on his technique, especially in the NFL. His footwork is still raw, and he doesn't yet have the refined technique that will allow him to become an island. He's going to need a good offensive line coach, and I wouldn't expect Fragel to come in and compete for a starting job right away. Given a year to learn and refine the nuances of the position, however, Fragel can be a solid starter in the NFL for many years.

Expect Fragel to play right tackle, and I wouldn't seriously consider him for anywhere else on the line just yet. He doesn't have the experience to move to the vaunted left tackle position, but when you see how far he progressed in his only season on he line, and then you combine that with his athleticism and size, the potential is there – just not for a few seasons.

All in all, getting Fragel in the heart of the draft feels right. Guys taken at this point in the draft always have questions, be it injury, attitude, or something else. Fragel's main knock is his lack of experience and knowledge at the position. He's a guy that has a lot of upside and plenty of physical ability, and given a good position coach and time to develop, Fragel has the potential to be an every down lineman in the NFL, if not a mainstay on your line.