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Brutus Buckeye tackled by Ohio State LB David Perkins at spring football practice

The nut shot heard around the world, now in video.

Hands down the highlight of Saturday afternoon's Ohio State football Student Appreciation Day 2013 was a sequence in which Buckeyes mascot Brutus Buckeye took a snap under center, attempted to run the ball, and then was absolutely leveled by sophomore linebacker David Perkins. And now we have video of the event.

While previously we'd been limited to but an action shot of the huge hit, we can now watch the poor soul wearing the Brutus costume get devastated by the 6-2 228 pound linebacker who once claimed on Twitter he ran a 4.22 40 at a track meet (related: lol).

Perkins finished the 2012 season having played in nine of the team's twelve games recording five solo tackles and assisting on one. He also had one pass break up. Most of Perkins' run on the season came playing special teams, but we should see more of him this coming fall. With star linebacker Ryan Shazier continuing to struggle with a sports hernia injury, it's not unlikely we'll see him start in next Saturday's spring game.