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Ohio State baseball: Bucks undone by Indiana, poor conditions, 11-3

Ohio State must now win three in two days to win the 2013 Big Ten baseball tournament.

In a game where the story of the night was as much the great play of the top seeded Indiana Hoosiers as it was a playing surface that might have otherwise necessitated a stoppage (or even a premature stoppage), Ohio State found themselves on the losing end of a decisive 11-3 contest . The rain poured almost without stopping at Target Field, home of the Minnesota Twins, until late in the contest by which Indiana already had an insurmountable lead. By no means did the conditions determine the outcome, however; IU looked every bit the national seed they'll likely be come selection Monday early next week.

Though the Buckeyes had a pair of leads, a disastrous fifth inning would ultimately prove their undoing. Despite a two run double by second baseman Troy Kuhn (which had helped the Buckeyes reclaim a 4-3 lead) in the top of the frame, Indiana answered back with an avalanche of runs. Before Ohio State knew it, they were well on their way to the loser's bracket.

The Buckeyes now face third seeded Nebraska in a rematch tomorrow afternoon at 4:35 p.m. ET. If they're fortunate enough to win, they'll have to defeat Indiana twice, once Saturday night, once Sunday to have any hope of winning the 2013 Big Ten Tournament. Clearly the Hoosiers find themselves in the driver's seat at this point – and deservedly so.