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2013 College Football National Championship Odds: Ohio State now joined at No. 2

Ohio State has some company in the latest 2013 college football national championship odds.

Jeff Gross

One popular form of thinking when it comes to setting up a college football preseason Top 25 is to look to the people with the most to lose. The theory goes, that because Vegas oddsmakers have to set the odds in such a way that they not only attract wagers but also push things to work out favorably from their vantage financially, they deliver the closest thing to a balanced, unbiased order of teams...or something.

Of course the person that said that was probably Colin Cowherd. And while I neither subscribe to the ideology above wholesale nor am personally anything close to an ardent gambler, I do find the idea of trying to slap together a hypothetical Top 25 based on odds an interesting offseason exercise, if nothing else.

Per the folks at Bovada, here are the latest odds for college football's 2013 national championship. OSU, which had previously been all intents and purposes #2, now finds themselves tied at 13/2 odds for second best with trendy pick Texas A&M. Betting the field at 20/1 also seems interesting. I wonder when the last time a so-called "Field" team won the sport's highest prize.

Alabama 3/1
Ohio State 13/2
Texas A&M 13/2
Oregon 7/1
Georgia 14/1
Stanford 16/1
LSU 18/1
Florida 20/1
Field 20/1
Louisville 22/1
Clemson 25/1
Miami 28/1
Michigan 28/1
South Carolina 28/1
Florida State 33/1
Oklahoma State 33/1
Texas 33/1
Notre Dame 40/1
Nebraska 50/1
Oklahoma 50/1
UCLA 50/1
USC 50/1
TCU 66/1
Wisconsin 66/1
Boise State 100/1
Michigan State 100/1
Oregon State 100/1
Mississippi 125/1
Auburn 150/1
North Carolina 150/1
Virginia Tech 150/1
Washington 150/1
Northwestern 150/1
BYU 200/1
California 200/1
Cincinnati 200/1
Georgia Tech 200/1
Kansas State 200/1
Mississippi State 200/1
Pittsburgh 200/1
Rutgers 200/1
Arkansas 250/1
Arizona 250/1
Iowa 250/1
Tennessee 250/1
Missouri 300/1
West Virginia 300/1
Boston College 500/1
South Florida 500/1