President Gee sends apology letter to Ohio State community

Much maligned Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee sent out an apology letter Friday after comments he made have created a firestorm of controversy amongst circles ranging from practicing Catholics to University of Louisville and Southeastern Conference alum, coaches, and otherwise. The email was as follows:


Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

I write today to acknowledge some statements I made last December in a poor attempt at humor. I am deeply sorry for the discomfort I caused, which was wholly unintentional, to members of the Athletic Council and others present in the room at the time of my comments. More broadly, I want to apologize to all who were offended by my remarks, to the University community, and to our entire Ohio State family.

Quite simply there is no excuse for my comments, which in no way reflect the core values of our University.


E. Gordon Gee

The comments were responded to warmly almost immediately by Ohio State basketball forward Sam Thompson:

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