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Toledo Blade confirms ex-OSU LB David Perkins arrested in Bowling Green

After speculation yesterday evening that an individual fitting the hometown, birthday, name, and sharing the same facial features of ex-Ohio State linebacker David Perkins was arrested in Bowling Green, Ohio last weekend, the Toledo Blade has confirmed that it was in fact the ex-OSU linebacker who was taken in to the custody early last Saturday morning. It had been widely rumored that Perkins was considering transferring to play for Dave Clawson and the Bowling Green Falcons, but after the arrest, that option appears off the table.

Perkins is alleged to have broken into a car before being located by police while trying to enter a stranger's home at 2:45 a.m. the morning of Saturday, May 25, 2013. In the police report that the Blade obtained, Perkins was said to be intoxicated with "blood all over his hands and clothes" following large cuts to his wrist. When Perkins was asked by law enforcement what he was doing at the woman's house, Perkins stated "I called coach and he said to go to her house." After smashing the driver's side window of the car and getting in, the woman in the home (who owned the car) told the authorities she didn't know Perkins.

While it's tough to say what transpired given the account of the police report other than a young individual had had far too much to drink in a place he wasn't familiar, here's hoping Perkins bounces back, gets himself right, and is able to land on his feet. While he only recorded 6 official tackles in his time with the Buckeyes, he was a promising talent, and if he's able to get his act together, should be able to help the school willing to work to rehabilitate him.