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Report: Ohio State to host Ohio, break Brady Hoke's brain

According to the Athens Messenger in a report since confirmed by the Dispatch's Bob Hunter, Thad Matta's Buckeyes will be playing host to Ohio U. this fall in basketball.


According to a report from Athens Ohio Today (via the Athens Messenger), Thad Matta's basketball Buckeyes will be playing host to Ohio University sometime this fall.

The author of the report states that he "using a variety of sources, existing contracts, and common sense", pieced together what he believes to be the Ohio University Bobcats' 2013-14 non-conference schedule. On Ohio State, the Messenger's Jason Amessenger goes on to call the Buckeyes "the one 'money' game on the schedule this season. Ohio coach Jim Christian himself has spoken about this matchup in a couple of different booster caravan stops this spring. Buckeyes (29-8) always one of the Big Ten's best."

Though the Bobcats aren't the NCAA Tournament darlings they were under now Illinois coach John Groce, they do provide the Buckeyes with a respectable non-conference home matchup. You have to think assistant Jeff Boals (and Ohio alum) is both excited and nervous about the prospects of this one.

The Columbus Dispatch's Bob Hunter went on to confirm the Messenger's initial informed speculation:

Source: Athens Ohio Today
Via: Bob Hunter