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New uniforms for Ohio State in 2013? Not according to NCAA Football 14

If EA Sports' "NCAA Football 14" is any barometer, Ohio State fans shouldn't expect any radical uniform changes this coming fall.

There's been a lot of hearsay and speculation about Ohio State and new uniforms (or variations on existing uniforms) for the season to come. Though in recent years, the Buckeyes have elected to but trout out alternate uniforms in one off capacities (often in the context of Nike's Pro Combat efforts), an unverified throwaway Reddit account has had some speculating about "Oregon-lite" type scenarios for the Buckeyes this fall.

While we know the kids (current and prospective players) love the alternate looks, Ohio State's long trophied one of the most traditional looks in the game, spanning nearly 50 years of consistency. Though yes, in 2006 the team altered the look of their sleeves to differentiate from that of the 70's/90's to what was en vogue during parts of the 1980's, and while yes the team has experimented with the hue/shading/consistency of their gray (or sparkly gray, depending on the year) pants at times, the look has by and large been one with limited experimentation.

Though precedent would indicate release deadlines might prevent folks in the know at EA Sports from being able to factor in details of yet to be released alternate uniforms, if the uniforms that actually made this year's version of the game are prescient in the least, it looks like, at least with respect to Ohio State's home and road uniforms, what we've grown accustomed to lately remains the standard bearers.

It's not unreasonable to expect a home and road "alternate" for the Buckeyes this fall (Nike historically has designed both and then the Buckeyes have gone with the one that fits their schedule best), and we'll certainly have all the details should that prove to be the case. But if you're expecting dozens of different looks for Ohio State, based on what we've seen so far, you might be waiting a bit longer... Although of course course there's always the possibilities of DLC.

And speaking of downloadable content, curiously last year's Nike alternates failed to make the cut for the five default options for the Buckeyes in this year's game. It's possible those might be acquirable either through playing this year's demo and reaching certain achievements, or at a premium from the Xbox Marketplace or the PSN store, but that remains to be seen.

Check out all the five default uniform combinations in this year's version of EA Sports' NCAA Football:

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