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Ohio State cancels 2016 Central Michigan game via letter

Ohio State's 2016 game against CMU is off – and in a fashion that drew Vanderbilt some ire when they balked on playing the Buckeyes to open 2013.


For all the hubbub about Ohio State having their 2013 schedule strength hampered on account of Vanderbilt canceling their '13 opener (in a letter no less), it appears Ohio State has channeled at least the latter to account for the evolution of Big Ten scheduling. To Ohio State's credit, this was at least with three years notice as opposed to 10 months.

Per the Columbus Dispatch, Ohio State is backing out of their September 24, 2016 game against Central Michigan in similar fashion, by sending a written correspondence to the MAC school in an effort to get down to three non-conference games to balance the Big Ten's move to nine game conference slates. Of course these are probably customary in situations like this and there's always the prospects a friendly conversation between Buckeyes AD Gene Smith and CMU's Dave Heeke, both colleagues on the NCAA's new athletic director council, could have taken place.

The Buckeyes, who will ostensibly have to pay some kind of buy out to get out of the prearranged game, were likely to bail on Central Michigan due to an existing MAC game to open that season against Bowling Green, and two higher profile non-conference matchups against Tulsa and at Oklahoma.

Once the Big Ten releases their 2016 conference schedules, the Buckeyes' 2016 slate will be set in stone. The Buckeyes have no known future match ups scheduled with Central Michigan at this time.