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Ohio State football: Donovan Munger apparently cleared to report

It appears the 4-star defensive tackle is all set to join his 2013 classmates and suit up for the Ohio State football team this fall.


When the inbound freshmen (or in Corey Smith's case, newcomer) reported for duty with the Ohio State football program not even a month ago, one notable name was not amongst them. Donovan Munger, a 4-star defensive tackle from Shaker Heights, was believed to be stuck in some kind of clearing house purgatory, waiting to see if the standardized test scores he received in conjunction with his high school GPA would enable him to join Ohio State as expected or if, as a series of rumors indicated, he might have to look into alternative means of securing his NCAA eligibility (perhaps the junior college or prep school route).

After a whole lot of not knowing, it appears that Munger now has clarification on his status, and to the benefit of the defensive line depth for a unit expected to rotate warm bodies in and our on a near play by play basis, it sounds like Munger will be reporting to the Buckeyes after all.

Munger took to Twitter after receiving the good news Wednesday morning sharing the following:

It didn't take long after that for other members of Ohio State's class of 2013 to send him their congratulatory well wishes:

Munger was a 4-star in the 247Composite rankings. He was the 284th best player in the class of 2014, the 25th best defensive tackle, and the 18th best overall prospect from the state of Ohio. Though he also has the skill set to possibly move to the interior offensive line should need ever necessitate it, he's projected to at least start out on the defensive side of things.

Congrats again to Munger on the good news. Now the only question that remains is what uniform number he'll wear upon reporting.