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Per Ohio State, we've got the first images of what the forthcoming changes to Ohio Stadium will look like. Though these are just artist renderings, you should be able to get a pretty good sense of how it will all look and feel.

Ohio Stadium was first designed by architect Howard Dwight Smith in 1918. After a public fund raising effort, stadium construction began in earnest in 1920 with the project completed in 1922. The stadium cost almost $1.5 million dollars (assuming annual inflation of 2.72%, that's shockingly just $18,000,000 in today's dollar). The stadium originally sat 66,210.

A number of changes and renovations took place over the year, with perhaps the most heavy renovations coming between 2000 and 2001. The stadium capacity had been expanded to 90,000 over time and the early 2000's $194 million renovation project upped that to over 101,000. The forthcoming renovations will raise capacity to 104, 829, third largest in the country (until Texas does expected renovations later in the decade).