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Ohio State-Michigan, Wisconsin, Cal, Northwestern, Penn State early point spreads

Courtesy of the Golden Nugget, we have (admittedly early) lines for many of Ohio State's biggest games in 2013. See what the experts think.

Used under Creative Commons from Mike Russell

We've seen a lot of line speculation in the last month or so as we edge closer to the no man's land between the end of college basketball and the beginning of college football. Unfortunately other than the early national championship and Heisman Trophy odds from Bovada, virtually none of these have been worth much of anything (other than to provide some super low grade digital water cooler fodder).

Finally though, the most, ahem, invested Ohio State fans amongst us can talk about some authoritative (admittedly still extremely early) lines that might wind up lining up (injuries aside) with how things look once the regular season gets going. Every year the Golden Nugget, a reputable chain of casinos/sports books, releases their "Games of the Year", a look at the early spreads (and some totals) on many of college football's biggest games.

Without further adieu, here are the early Ohio State point spreads, plus for good measure, the over/under on a couple of note worthy games:

San Diego State at Ohio State (-21.5)
Ohio State at California (+21)
Wisconsin at Ohio State (-11, 45)
Ohio State at Northwestern (+8)
Iowa at Ohio State (-23)
Penn State at Ohio State (-16)
Ohio State at Purdue (+17)
Ohio State at Illinois (+23)
Indiana at Ohio State (-25)
Ohio State at Michigan (+6, 50.5)

Looking at these, virtually all of these feel about right. Iowa seems high, but it's possible if the offense fails to evolve positively under the guise of Greg Davis, that might be how things play their way out. The Buckeyes should be looking for "revenge" after a relatively closer than it should've been road game against Indiana last year, and 6 for a road rivalry game like "The Game" feels solid.

What are your thoughts on the early Ohio State point spreads/totals? Anything too high, too low?