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Terrelle Pryor ring, other Ohio State scandal tied memorabilia for sale on eBay

Memorabilia apparently lingering from Ohio State's 2009/2010 scandal has appeared on the popular auction site eBay en masse.

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Those looking to get their hands on some of the gifted/exchanged for tattoos/services rendered memorabilia that culminated in the termination of Ohio State head coach Jim Tressel, the disassociation (and ultimate supplemental draft entry) of quarterback Terrelle Pryor, years of lost scholarships, and a 2012 bowl ban are in luck. An item appearing to be the 2008 season ring of Pryor is listed for sale on eBay.

That's not all the popular auction site username 'finelineinkusa2010' – which when you really think about it and the fact the listing professes to be located in Columbus is some coincidence – has for sale, however. It also appears they're selling a 2002 Ohio State national championship ring he purports once belonged to former guard T.J. Downing (and explains in the listing that Downing states the item was stolen). Then there's the 2008 Ohio State Big Ten championship ring engraved with former wide receiver DeVier Posey's name, the same engraved with Mike Adams' name, one he claims belonged to Jermil Martin, and then one that appears to have the name of the vacated 2011 Sugar Bowl hero, Solomon Thomas.

It sure seems like something like these show up on eBay or Craigslist every other month or so, but this is at least the largest collection of apparent controversial memorabilia we've seen in some time. If you've got a few grand and are looking to own some (in)famous items, make sure you get your bid in today. The auctions all expire in the next several days.