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Ray Small, former Ohio State wide receiver, arrested again on drug charges

The one time Ohio State special teams standout (and equal parts malcontent) is in serious trouble with the law again.


Months after a bizarre, rambling apology to Ohio State fans, former estranged Buckeyes wide receiver Ray Small faces in upwards of 30 years in prison after being arrested on drugs and gun charges.

Small, who played for the Buckeyes from 2006-2009 in a career that was marred by suspensions and interesting behavior on social media, was arrested in Franklin County and since been indicted on narcotics trafficking and drug possession charges to go along with fire arm statues.

The ex-Buckeyes' apartment was raided this past april where the authorities recovered $4,500 in cash, digital scales, over 400 Oxycodone and Xanax pills, along with heroin. Small was also in possession of a. 380 semi-automatic handgun and an SKS assault rifle.

Small was out on bond for previous felony drug offenses in which he was arrested in Southeast Ohio with 250 Oxycontin pills, marijuana, and a .25 caliber pistol.

Despite having had his career with Ohio State come to a close before the Tatgate controversy, Small infamously told Ohio State's student paper, The Lantern, that he too was participating in the exchange of memorabilia for goods and services. Small also had a cup of coffee in the NFL with the Minnesota Vikings before being let go.

Perhaps this puts these videos in more proper context now: