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Jamarco Jones, Ohio State commit, talks with LGHL

The offensive line is s big need for the 2014 Ohio State recruiting class, landing four star Jamarco Jones has us going in the right direction. We had a chance to catch up with Jones about his recruiting process, the transition to Ohio State, his major, and more.

Jamarco Jones and Shelby Spence will be at FNL
Jamarco Jones and Shelby Spence will be at FNL

Coach Urban Meyer and the rest of the Ohio State coaching staff was able to exhale a little when 4 star offensive lineman Jamarco Jones committed to the Buckeyes on June 27th. Jones, who had more then twenty five offers in hand became a part of what is now called the "#Dream14" when he picked the Buckeyes over Michigan and Michigan State. Jamarco is currently ranked the fourth best offensive lineman in the class of 2014 and the forty-sixth best overall player in the latest 247 Sports rankings.

I was able to catch up with Jamarco Jones and asked the 6-5 290 pound lineman a few questions:

How does it feel to have the recruiting process over with and to know you will spend the next three to four years playing for program like Ohio State?

It feels great. The process had started getting stressful so I'm glad it's over. It's is also great knowing I will be attending a University with great academics and athletics.

What made you pick the Buckeyes over Big Ten foes Michigan and Michigan State?

The fact that I will be pushed everyday and have the opportunity to win multiple championships.

Which Ohio State coach are you in contact with the most and what have they told you about where you might fit into their plans?

I talk to Coach Vrabel, Coach Warinner and Coach Meyer. They see me being able to compete for a spot early at one of the tackles.

Which current Ohio State commits are you in contact with the most?

I talk to most of them.

Now that you're a Buckeye are you helping out with the recruiting and who would you like to see join you?

Yes I've been talking to Demetrius Knox and he'd be a great addition to the class, especially with the other lineman we have already.

What are your grades like and what do you plan on majoring at Ohio State?

I have a 3.8 GPA and take all honor and Advance Placement classes. I plan on majoring in accounting.

What are your individual and team goals for your upcoming senior season?

Personally I am trying to get back healthy and to full strength. As a team we want to win a state title.

Who is your favorite Buckeye off all-time and why?

Orlando Pace. He is one of if not the best offensive lineman ever.

Who is your hero and what about the stands out to you?

My grandfather. He has been through a lot and is very strong and has helped me out a lot.

What would you like to say to Buckeye Nation?

They are the best fan base in the World!


Favorite Food: Fish and spaghetti

Michigan: Good luck they're going to need it.

Coach Meyer: Best coach in football.

Batman or Superman: Batman

Early Enrollment: My school doesn't let me.

Below is Jamarco's Junior year highlights:

I would like to thank Jamarco for taking the time and doing this interview. I hope all of Buckeye Nation enjoyed reading it and best of luck to Jamarco during his senior season.