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Where are they now: Maurice Clarett, former Ohio State running back

While you wait for the "30 for 30", you won't want to miss this great, close up look at the redemption of Maurice Clarett.

One of the key cogs (and arguably *the* straw that stirred the drink) in Ohio State's 2002 national championship run, Maurice Clarett, has a story that's beyond well publicized. From his taking the NFL all the way to the Supreme Court to force his way into the NFL Draft after just one season in Columbus, to allegations of NCAA improprieties, to his eventual NFL fall from grace and ultimate incarceration, there's not a ton of his narrative that isn't beyond familiar to Ohio State and Ohio football fans in general.

While those that follow Maurice on Twitter or have been fortunate enough to see him in speaking engagements (which now occupy a lot of his time) know he's undergone a remarkable rehabilitation and in the process become a diplomat not just for Buckeye Nation but individuals with trouble backgrounds everywhere, now we get to see it first hand.

Though the "30 for 30" profiling Mo C will surely be a doozy, in the interim we have this brilliantly shot/edited first hand look at Maurice as he continues living to blaze a new path for himself and not let the mistakes of his past define him as a person. You'll also want to check out Maurice's recent books as they're definitely worth your time.