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Luke Roberts, Ohio State LB, to transfer to Harvard

The Ohio State sophomore linebacker to be is now transferring to Harvard.

Luke Roberts (right) is headed to the Ivy League.
Luke Roberts (right) is headed to the Ivy League.

There'd been questions for the better part of the last few months (particularly since the return of one time medical redshirt safety Jamie Wood) that Ohio State was at or over the 82 scholarship threshold. Under the pretense that Wood was still under full ride scholarship, with the addition of punter Cameron Johnston, the one time Australian rule professional football player turned punter, Ohio State was almost assuredly over the 82 scholarship limit heading into August 3rd (the day the team starts camp)'s deadline.

Because of Ohio State's three scholarship limitations, the Buckeyes have no recourse except to operate three under the ordinary NCAA scholarship limitation of 85. Even with the departure of former linebacker David Perkins for Illinois State, the Buckeyes still needed one off the top of 83 with Johnston's addition to make sure they weren't potential playing with fire. And Tuesday's news certainly made that a reality.

Courtesy of a report from Michael Chung of The O-Zone, we've now learned that backup linebacker Luke Roberts has elected to transfer to Harvard. Though Roberts wasn't expected to play a crucial role in the Buckeyes' linebacker rotation, Ohio State, by virtue of his departure, is at the 82 scholarship limit, which means they can focus on the fall camp to come without having to worry about violating NCAA rules.

It's certainly possible that additional attrition is possible, but for now, the Buckeyes are at the NCAA required threshold based on their sanctions related to the end of the Tressel era.