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Carlos Hyde suspended, not dismissed, from Ohio State football team

A small glimmer of hope for despondent Buckeye fans, as Carlos Hyde has not yet been dismissed from the 2013 football team.

Mike McGinnis

Contrary to a previous report, it appears that Carlos Hyde has not been dismissed from the Ohio State football team, at least, not yet. He has been suspended from all football related activities.

From the official report:

Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer today suspended senior running back Carlos Hyde, from Naples, Fla., from all football team activities pending the outcome of the student code of conduct and criminal investigations. Hyde was named in a City of Columbus Police Department report that was issued Monday.

Buckeye fans could hope for a similar situation to last year's Storm Klein incident, where Klein was reinstated after an investigation into domestic violence allegations led to dropped charges. Klein instead served a smaller suspension and returned to action.

Hyde has not currently been charged with a crime, but has been named a person of interest in an early Saturday, July 20th assault investigation in Columbus. There has been no timetable given on Hyde's suspension, or the criminal investigation.