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ESPN: Braxton Miller says Ohio State got "good news" on Carlos Hyde

ESPN's Brett McMurphy spoke to Ohio State QB Braxton Miller who provided an update on the status of Carlos Hyde.

Braxton Miller & frenemy Devin Gardner.
Braxton Miller & frenemy Devin Gardner.
The Ohio State University

Brett McMurphy, who was the first to report that video evidence from Carlos Hyde's night in question may ultimately clear the embattled Ohio State running back's name, spoke to Buckeyes starter Braxton Miller at day one of Big Ten Media Days, who had good news concerning Hyde's status.

"We got some good news (concerning Carlos Hyde)," Miller told McMurphy. He went on to state he didn't expect Hyde to miss any significant time.

This is obviously a huge development for Ohio State and Hyde personally. While the accounts all seemed rather cut and dry as recently as Monday morning, this marks a continued dramatic polar shift from just 48 hours ago when it seemed unlikely Hyde would ever suit up for the Ohio State football team ever again. If the time missed is limited (perhaps constrained to just a few games), it's possible short of goal line situations, the Buckeyes might not miss much of a beat.

UPDATE (1:33 p.m. ET): Urban Meyer was asked about McMurphy's conversation with Miller and stated "I didn’t receive the good news… I guess I’m not a big social media guy. We just have to evaluate the facts."

UPDATE (2:38 p.m. ET): And this has officially become the most meta story ever:

So to rehash the news Braxton was referring to to ESPN's Brett McMurphy was McMurphy's previous on-air report that the video surveillance tape of the Hyde incident may paint a different story than what was being reported. OK then.