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CPD on Carlos Hyde: "We're talking about a misdemeanor crime here."

610 WTVN spoke with a Columbus police sergeant who set the record straight on the Carlos Hyde situation.


There's been plenty of speculation, misinformation, and a variety of truths of varying degrees over the course of the last week regarding assault allegations surrounding Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde.

As recently as this past Wednesday, NBC4 reporter Mindy Drayer purported to have seen the video of the incident which Yahoo! Sports and ESPN alike had reported painted the incident in a far different pictures than the early reports that Hyde had struck the alleged victim and knocked her out. According to Dryer, Hyde did, in fact, make contact with the victim, though only after the victim first attempted to make contact with Hyde (though the end result was unclear). The degree to which Hyde made contact was deemed by Drayer to be "a slap" "in the face".

Though it merits mentioning speculatively that if it's not clear whether or not Hyde was struck by the victim how exactly one would tell that Hyde made contact, that's neither here nor there.

610 WTVN spoke with Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner, who in the most direct to the point statement on the issue to this point, attempted to set the record straight.

"It's been reckless up to this point," Columbus Police Sgt. Rich Weiner, who serves as the public information officer, told 610 WTVN. "Everybody seems to have a source and they're going with it. They think that whatever their source is telling them is gospel. Be careful because the investigation is ongoing."

Weiner went on to state that "we're talking about a misdemeanor crime here. There won't be any felony as far as the facts are concerned."

Though a misdemeanor could potentially still lead to the parting of ways between Ohio State and the suspended indefinitely Hyde, this at least cools the jets on some of the rampant speculation from individuals who either had sources who allegedly had seen the videos or reporters who went on the record to state that they had.

At this point, pending the outcome of the police investigation (who've according to Weiner still yet to interview the victim nor Hyde), it'd be fruitless to speculate further either way.