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Urban Meyer allegedy "snitches" on Florida over purported recruiting violation

Are you ready for some lull of the offseason #HOT #SPORTS #TAKES? Well, we might have some.


While some of college football Twitter was busy trying to connect Urban Meyer to every unsolved mystery in the US over the last 27 years, a quasi-interesting news story gained critical traction regarding recruiting drama on the "high seas". Normally (electively), you won't see this name too often on this site, but here we go...from Clay Travis:

Outkick the Coverage has learned from sources in New York that Meyer and Ohio State turned in Florida assistant coach Brian White for an alleged improper "bump" violation related to the recruitment of Curtis Samuel, a running back/defensive back from Erasmus Hall High School in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Investigations into Ohio State's complaint this spring uncovered no wrongdoing, the sources said, but Samuel subsequently revealed Florida no longer is in his top five schools — while OSU is.

Meyer's willingness to turn in a former coach — one he hired — as well as the program he led for six seasons is unheard of in college athletics. Indeed, no one Outkick the Coverage talked with could recall a former coach turning in his former program and a former assistant coach.

The NCAA dug into the complaint and didn't find anything, and a "bump" violation, or communicating with a recruit during non-contact periods of the calendar, is fairly small potatoes on the scale of possible NCAA violations. It's not, "improper usage of bagel spreads", though it's certainly not "rigging raffles", either.

Mr. Travis postulates that Urban's snitching is the primary reason for 4-star ATH Curtis Samuel is no longer considering Florida. Furthermore, Urban's willingness to report violations at his former institution, no less with a coach that he hired (former Meyer tight ends coach now UF running backs coach Brian White), represents a new low in the craven self-interest of recruiting coaches. HAS SCIENCE GONE TOO FAR? Perhaps. put it charitably, we're a bit skeptical of that. Samuel may have initially shown precursory interest in Florida, but the Gators have been a long shot there for a while. As of January, Samuel planned to camp at Rutgers, Alabama and Ohio State, with the Buckeyes considered a favorite even before these allegations came to light. If Curtis Samuel was genuinely interested in Florida, he would have more strongly considered them "bump scandal" or not. If we're being honest, if Samuel was terrified of being associated with a program that had even a recent hint of scandal or otherwise, do you think he'd be strongly considering Ohio State?

Second, it isn't very often that coaches reporting other coaches on minor violations becomes public knowledge. Stories like say, Bruce Pearl's, aren't regular newspaper fodder. That is NOT the same thing as coaches reporting coaches never happening at all. I'm willing to believe that Urban's "snitching", if the report is true, is hardly an earth-shattering, groundbreaking event.

But hey, July #HOT #SPORTS #TAKES gotta July #HOT #SPORTS #TAKE. Does this change your opinion of Urban? Do you think there should be some sort of "code" between former coworkers, even if they work at different schools? Did you think 'Bump Violation" was actually some sort of Daft Punk cover band, instead of an NCAA violation? Let us know in the comments.