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ESPN: Meyer knew Ohio State reported Florida

In a report from ESPN's Brett McMurphy, it appears some of Urban Meyer's denials from earlier in the days aren't 100% in line with what a source told the stout veteran reporter.

Urban Meyer told both the Columbus Dispatch's Tim May and The Gainesville Sun's Pat Dooley earlier in the day that he was unaware right off the bat that Ohio State had turned in Florida for a potential secondary NCAA violation (which was later echoed by an Ohio State spokesperson), but a source told ESPN's Brett McMurphy that Urban was not only aware of it, but endorsed it.

Though what Meyer knew and when may be somewhat trivial at this point given that the SEC and NCAA have both ruled that no wrong doing occurred on the part of Florida, the source further indicated that Ohio State director of player personnel Mark Pantoni read about the possible "bump" on a recruiting website (believed to be, and let Meyer know.

The development, while far from damning in any real tangible enforcement sense, will certainly add fuel to the fire amongst scorn talking heads and Meyer critics alike. We'll see if any further details emerge or if this marks the end of one of the more particularly "offseason" stories we've seen – at least since that time a bunch of paid scribes waxed introspectively about whether or not Meyer was in any way responsible for the tragic developments in his former tight end Aaron Hernandez's life in the last few weeks.