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Police: No charges for Ohio State's Carlos Hyde

As first reported by 10TV, Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde will not face charges in connection with a reported assault. The Columbus Police Department since followed up in a release stating that the matter is closed and that the person of interest is not looking to push the matter further.

Mike McGinnis

A week after tons of speculation as to whether or not a NBC4 reporter who had purported to have seen the Sugar Bar 2 surveillance tape multiple times' interpretation of the events were correct that Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde did, in fact, strike a woman in an alleged assault from other two weeks ago, 10TV is reporting that Hyde will not face charges in connection to the allegations, per Columbus police.

Columbus police since followed up in a statement that that they've officially closed their investiation of the alleged incident and that the alleged victim had informed the authorities that she did not wish to press charges against the running back.

ESPN's Brett McMurphy and Yahoo! Sports' Charles Robinson both reported that sources had told him that Hyde was unlikely to face charges in lieu of the security footage, though NBC4's Mindy Drayer had outed herself as a first hand source of having viewed the alleged tape and said it did appear that Hyde had made contact with the young womanwho had alleged the assault. The reported victim had told 11W's Kyle Rowland that she'd be releasing a statement tomorrow morning earlier today.

With the news, the only matter now remains what sort of suspension Hyde faces. Even in the absence of charges (which Columbus police had called a misdemeanor situation at most recently), because of putting himself (and subsequently his teammates) in such a situation, it's possible he'll still have to sit out to re-earn the good will of the staff. At the very least, it's probably safe to expect some serious tending to Buckeye Grove in the senior tailback's not too distant future.