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Alleged victim in Hyde case releases statement; CPD to release video

Image used under Creative Commons from Alex43223

The alleged victim in the incident involving Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde released a statement to NBC4 Tuesday, a day earlier than she'd previously planned to make such a statement public:

Keeping in mind what is for me and my family I have decided to refrain from filing charges at this time.

Some of the media has rushed to judgment regarding the incident to ensure they are the first to report the information, whether it be factual or false. This has been overwhelming, frustrating and disappointing. It is unimaginable to be exposed to these false reports, claims and rumors and for anticipated 4 months expected to bring this incident to a conclusion.

I would like to thank the Columbus Police department for their patience and professionalism they showed conducting their investigation. They have advised me I have up to two years to consider criminal charges.

I believe the video, if released, will speak for itself when shown in its entirety and not edited or censored.

Thank you

According to 10TV's Dom Tiberi, the Columbus Police Department will release the tape of the incident to the media allowing the public (in line with the alleged victim's statement) to decide for themselves.