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Carlos Hyde video released by Columbus Police Department

The Columbus Police Department released a video of the alleged assault incident involving Ohio State senior running back Carlos Hyde Tuesday afternoon.

The incident, which occurred at the downtown Columbus dance club Sugar Bar 2 the morning of Saturday, July 21st around 1:30 a.m. ET, involved a confrontation between a young woman and the senior to be from Naples, Florida.

The video appears to show the woman take a first swipe of sorts at Hyde but it's unclear whether or not she made contact with Hyde. Hyde then retaliates in a sense, possibly making contact, with the young woman, who then covered her face and ran to her friends for support.

Whether the contact is enough to result in Ohio State parting ways with the tailback remains to be seen. Given the nature of the incident (and Hyde putting himself in the situation in the first place), circumstances would suggest it's probable the tailback misses some time this coming fall.

Whether Urban Meyer elects to rule unilaterally (in part as a show of force to his critics) with a nuance free, broad sweeping, blanket interpretation of "zero tolerance", we'll have to wait and see.