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Urban Meyer: Carlos Hyde to be suspended "at least 3 games"

The Buckeyes' tailback will miss at least the first three games of 2013 and will have to work his way back into the staff's good graces.


In a statement released through an Ohio State spokesperson, Buckeyes head coach Urban Meyer revealed that the Buckeyes' embattled running back will be suspended "for at least three games" to begin the 2013 season. Earlier in the day, the Columbus police department released a statement stating that their investigation into Hyde's alleged assault that took place two weeks earlier was closed as the alleged victim had elected not to press charges. Later in the day, the Columbus Police Department released the video, though the quality and lighting of the video made it difficult to discern definitively what had happened.

Meyer's complete statement read as follows:

"Carlos Hyde will be suspended for at least the first three games of the 2013 season for conduct not representative of this football program or this university. He will be required to fulfill additional obligations before he is allowed to play in a game."

Though that's not the four games some speculated, it's also not the completely situational myopic banishment from the team some cynical contrarians had called for either. Meyer seemingly elected to rule based on circumstance and the reality of the situation, rather than a shallow black-and-white interpretation of a "zero tolerance" policy (particularly with respect to respecting women, something he's emphasized with a Woody Hayes quote on the wall of the athletic facilities) or exclusively through the filter of his past discipline issues at the University of Florida.

With even video evidence making it difficult to discern the reality of the situation, Meyer and company were left with no choice but to go with the evidence at hand, the authority's elective decision not to pursue an investigation in spite of the lack of cooperation from the alleged victim, and Hyde's word to them.

Though Hyde will certainly have plenty to do to re-earn his way into the full trust and support of the staff, the suspension circumstantially would seem about as football beneficial as optimistic Ohio State fans could've hoped for.

Following the statement's release, Hyde broke a lengthy Twitter silence to tweet the following:

The Bible verse in question is "I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.".