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New Ohio State jerseys have interesting new collars, no new fonts/number typography

Reports of new fonts/typography for the 2013 Ohio State home football jerseys may have been premature, while some interesting additions to the collars are present in the latest revealed jerseys.

We've been anxiously awaiting the possibility of Ohio State unveiling either new uniforms or tweaks to the existing look for the forthcoming Buckeye football season (hello, offseason boredom) for sometime now. On the Fourth of July, we got some direction as to some possible tweaks to the existing uniforms for the coming fall.

While it's still likely (if not probable) the Buckeyes will unveil an alternate uniform (or two) in the Pro Combat tradition, if what we're seeing is accurate from released "twill uniform" (which are typically either authentic game worn uniforms or higher attention to detail than replica ones very similar to what the actual jerseys look like) photos and are in line with what the Buckeyes will actually be wearing this fall, the previous reports regarding typography/font changes similar to the 2011 Pro Combat uniforms do not appear to have come to fruition, pending further leaks or eleventh hour changes.

Ohio State's tinkered with their uniforms, at least a change of the material/texture/reflectivity of the pants it seems like, annually during the past decade or so, but we haven't seen any dramatic changes since the team first switched from the 60's-80's/90's-2000's grey/white sleeves to the mid-'80's red ones they dawn at present. The modification to the collars on the back of the jersey tops would appear to be one of the more notable alterations we've seen in a number of years.

Courtesy of The Buckeye Room (locations in the Columbus and Dayton areas), here are what the uniforms may look like for the coming season:

The cut of the jerseys above appear to be the same as the "game" NFL jerseys. Other than the Buckeye Leaves sewn into the collars, it doesn't necessarily mean the team will be implementing a change to the newest jersey cut, like Alabama or Oregon, for the actual football team's. NFL teams that didn't change the cut of their jersey (Raiders, Packers, Eagles, Panthers, Falcons) still sold limited (screened) and game (sewn on) jerseys to the general public.

What are your thoughts on the new additions to the back of the collars? Too much? Too little? Let us know in the comments below.

Andrew Lind contributed to this report