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NCAA Football 14: Ohio Stadium photos

A virtual tour of the interior of Ohio State's storied Ohio Stadium in this year's EA Sports "NCAA Football '14".

Friend of the Holy Land, Jason Morrow from the fabulous team over at Scarberry Media hit us up asking how Ohio Stadium looked in action in EA Sports' "NCAA Football '14". Accordingly, we fired things up, and cranked out a dozen plus photos of the college football mecca from a matchup paralleling arguably Ohio State's toughest home task this coming season, Saturday, October 26th's date with the Penn State Nittany Lions.

Jason's biggest concern was that the new Ohio Stadium scoreboard from last season would fail to make it into the game for a second straight year. Unfortunately the new, wider, HD screen doesn't look like it made this year's game either, though perhaps there's hope when the game makes the jump to the next generation consoles in 2014.

Morrill and Lincoln Towers make their annual appearance in the game at least but the second phase of the RPAC looks conspicuously absence (though I guess it allows Larkens Hall to live on virtually forever).