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Beat Michigan: A young Ohio State fan names his brain tumor after UM

Ohio State and Michigan fans alike will be on Team Grant.

In perhaps the most distinctly Ohio State-Michigan story you'll hear in a while, a young Buckeye enthusiast has taken his hatred for That Team Up North to entirely new heights.

Troy and Denise Reed, alumni of The Best Damn Band In The Land, have a young son named Grant, who was first diagnosed with a life threatening brain tumor around two years ago. Accordingly to show his disdain for the awful affliction, he nicknamed the tumor "Michigan".

As of Friday, Grant's one day closer to beating Blue where it matters most; with chemotherapy behind him, Grant's won the short term battle. Though there's always the chance the cancer could come back, Grant Reed and his family remain upbeat:

"We've beaten Michigan for the short term, but like any rival, there's a chance it can come back," Troy [Reed] said.

Grant will return to the hospital every three months for an MRI. He suffered some complications from treatment, which impacted his speech and mobility.

"I want to recover. I want to talk faster, I guess. Walk faster," he said.

Before being discharged, he and his family donated two wagons for future cancer patients at the hospital. Naturally they read 'Beat Michigan'.

Our absolute best to Grant and his family. Here's hoping the only battles with Michigan from here on out are the ones that take place on the football field.


VIA: For The Win

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