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Charges against Ohio State's Bradley Roby reduced

Less than a month after being arrested in Bloomington, Indiana following a bar altercation, Bradley Roby's battery charges have been reduced by a Monroe County deputy prosecutor to that of disorderly conduct. If recent video evidence is correct, Roby's charges may even be dismissed.



According to the Columbus Dispatch, recent video evidence further casts doubt on the initial account of the event,  as the tape may show that Roby was more of a victim than an instigator of conflict.

Outside the bar, Hasler wrote, video showed Roby being pushed three times by the bar’s security guards, the third time resulting in Roby being driven back 2 to 3 feet. After that, the report states, Roby “lunged” at one of the security guards, who handcuffed Roby.

Yesterday afternoon, the prosecutor’s office announced the offer of a diversion program, although there is no confirmation that Roby has accepted one at this time. We'll have more on this story as it develops.


According to a report from the Columbus Dispatch's Bill Rabinowitz, the charges against Ohio State defensive back Bradley Roby, which originally were set to be battery related, a class A misdemeanor, have been lessened to that of disorderly conduct.

After being arrested at the end of July following a confrontation with a bouncer at a Bloomington, Indiana area bar, the question's been up in the air as to whether or not Roby would be missing any playing time this coming fall. Roby has been practicing with the team without any disruptions, but had primarily been working with the second and third units.

Though Urban Meyer's indicated that following the arrest of Roby and the allegations against Ohio State running back Carlos Hyde any and all future offenders will face swift action, as far as Roby's specific punishment goes, Meyer's been waiting for the situation to be decided in a legal environment before deciding upon a punishment.

With Roby now facing just a class B misdemeanor, it's possible the resulting punishment will be lessened as well. Roby is expected to appear (or have representation appear) at an August 26th pretrial hearing, which is just days before Ohio State opens the season against Buffalo.