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VIDEO: Ohio State football's Chase for Eight trailer will get you ready for 2013

"It takes a little something special doesn't it? It takes something special to be a great player. And if there's a touch of greatness in there, how cool would that be?"

WCBI sports anchor/Ohio State amateur football season trailer maker Robby Donoho has put together a little something that if you have anything resembling a pulse is bound to get you excited for next Saturday's noon football opener against the University of Buffalo.

Though I fall into the somewhat more jaded crowd of Ohio State enthusiasts that typically doesn't get up for these kind of videos (the epic Nike presentation one is a very sizable exception to the rule), Robby's efforts here don't go unnoticed. And you don't have to pull my leg to get me to sit through all the best moments of just the Buckeyes' sixth ever undefeated season from 2012.

Whether you're most looking forward to Braxton Miller spinning, juking, and burning opposing defenders, Devin Smith making another jaw dropping, essentially impossibly difficult catch, or Ryan Shazier just blowing up dudes, watch the trailer above, and tell me you're not geeked for football's imminent return.