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Ohio State recruiting: State Secrets, 8/21 - Goodluck Okonoboh, Tim Settle latest

Five-star basketball target Goodluck Okonoboh puts Ohio State in his top five. The football staff is ranked as recruiters and could a Mike Gesicki commit be around the corner?

Ohio State made Goodluck Okonoboh's final teams.
Ohio State made Goodluck Okonoboh's final teams.

The race for 2015 defensive tackle Tim Settle continues, with no signs of slowing down any time soon. With Ohio State, Alabama, and Virginia bolted at the top of his list, this should be a long process where every school's best shot must be given to land the 6'3", 300-pound monster. With the Virginia native having the Cavaliers near the top of his list, it's definitely cause for concern – hometown teams are never to be taken lightly. However, on Tuesday afternoon Settle posted a picture via Twitter that should be able to keep some Buckeye fans at ease, for now that is.

Think back to Meyer's defensive line recruiting over the past couple of years. It would be almost unfair if five-star Settle became part of it. Well, ladies and gentlemen, buckle up because that dream has a realistic shot at becoming a reality.

If you don't remember, on Monday New Jersey target Mike Gesicki received some interesting mail from Ohio State. Now, for those of you who don't eat, sleep and breathe social media, Mark Pantoni has been known to stir up the pot whenever a prospect is close to pulling the trigger for the Buckeyes. His latest one raised some eyebrows because of the timing:

Yes, I know this is all speculation and nothing along the lines of a Gesicki commitment has popped up. This is just a coincidence...right?

It's also worth noting that 247Sports updated their football recruiter rankings, which ranks which assistant coaches are the best recruiters at every school. The Buckeyes were able to land three coaches in the top 25. Mike Vrabel grabbed the number four overall spot while Kerry Coombs and Ed Warinner helped round out the rest of the 25. Luke Fickell finished at number 43.

To the hardwood, 2014 power forward Goodluck Okonoboh trimmed his list from just about every school in the country to a top five.

At the moment, Okonoboh is a 100% crystal ball lock to Indiana. If indeed the Hoosiers are at the top of his list, Thad Matta will have to drag out this process. The longer Okonoboh participates in the recruiting scene, the better it'll be for the Buckeyes. Matta can go toe-to-toe with any coach in the country on the recruiting trail and with an already strong 2014 class in his back pocket, Okonoboh would make this class tops in the nation.