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Charge against Ohio State DB Bradley Roby dismissed

As long as he successfully completes a diversion program and avoids legal trouble for the next calendar year, Roby will not face a class-b misdemeanor charge.


Bill Rabinowitz of the Columbus Dispatch reported Wednesday evening that the disorderly conduct charge facing Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby was conditionally dismissed.

The disorderly conduct charge, a class-b misdemeanor, stemmed from an encounter with a bouncer at a Bloomington, Indiana area bar this past July. Roby was arrested and subsequently until recently, his status with the football team was up in the air.

Though he had been practicing with the second team, Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer announced this past weekend that Roby would be suspended at least one game, pending the outcome of a hearing that had been set for next week. As a result of the conditional dismissal, that hearing has been canceled. As long as Roby completes a diversion program successfully and can stay out of trouble until August 16th, 2014, he won't face the misdemeanor he'd previously been charged with.

With Bradley Roby out of the mix, Ohio State plans to start Armani Reeves opposite Doran Grant. Ohio State opens their season a week from Saturday at noon against the University of Buffalo.