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Podcast: Who will Ohio State's 2013 football captains be?

With just a week to college football (and 9 days to Ohio State's season opener), the critically unacclaimed podcast "Hangout In The Holy Land" returns for its second season.

After an almost four month hiatus,'s Matt Brown and Luke Zimmermann return to get you up to speed on all the latest Ohio State related happenings.

Ohio State cornerback Bradley Roby's class-b misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge is conditionally dismissed. Can the Bucks make do with true sophomore Armani Reeves earning the first start of his career at corner? What are the Bucks' prospects like after Reeves?

Our dynamic duo also break down what the injury cut short careers of Blake Thomas, Adam Griffin, and Jamie Wood mean to Ohio State from a 2013 sense and beyond.

What about the tailback position? With Carlos Hyde suspended following a night club incident from this past July, Rod Smith was set to lay claim to the position in his absence. /Record scratch. Smith is now suspended for a disciplinary issue related to a team rules violation from this past winter. Who's the guy now? Who do we like? Who would we like to see get some of the touches?

FInally, the topic du jour. Ohio State's captains. Bradley Roby's suspension certainly puts a wrench in things. And is it possible for someone who was in in Chicago for Big Ten Media Days to *not* to get the nod? What about a bench player?

All this, and a shocking, true confession by Matt near the episode's end. Go Bucks.

As always, if you prefer an audio version, listen or download below: