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Printable Ohio State football schedule 2013

Get a downloadable/printable 2013 Ohio State football schedule to take your intraoffice B1G alum trolling game to the next level.

It's here. After 7 months and 19 days (that's 231 days or 33 weeks), we're finally five sleeps away from the light at the end of the tunnel coming to fruition.

With the longest offseason in America's major sports, it's no wonder why the bleak February skies in the midwest seem extra despairing sometimes. And while as great as spending the summer camping somewhere like Alum Creek or taking the jet skis out on Lake Erie can be, there's a reason fall in Central Ohio is unmatched in the grand scheme of things.

Accordingly, as we've gotten progressively closer to the season actually being here, the one question we've heard more than any other from our readers has been some variation of "Hey, you guys should really make some kind of cool printable schedule!"

While by this point in time you probably already have your fall itinerary set (RSVP no on any fall weddings, hit up a live music festival or B&B on the bye weeks; wax, rinse, repeat), it's never too late to remind yourself when Ohio State's biggest and most important games are, or just to have something up in your cubicle to troll that grating Michigan fan who walks past your desk every day.

Click on the link below and File->Print or save to your desktop and print from the reader of your choosing. Go Bucks:


UPDATE 9/8: By popular request, we've made a color version. Enjoy!