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Podcast: Are bad stadium experiences hurting college football?

We discuss the ramifications of Tommy Schutt's injury, OSU's '13/'14 Big Ten basketball schedule, the Buffalo game, and whether poor stadium experiences are keeping young people from going to games in person.

We're back with another edition of Hangout in the Holy Land. As always, you can either stream here, or download and listen whenever, by clicking the download button. You can also watch the video, if you want to gaze upon our criminally handsome faces.

Our podcast today is hosted by our very own Matt Brown. He's joined by other longtime LGHL editors, Ted Glover and Ian Cuevas. We're covering the Tommy Schutt injury, some quick takes on the OSU basketball schedule, this week's Buffalo game, and the new college football book that's been getting a ton of buzz lately, Fourth and Long, and what we can learn about the current college football live experience.

I hope you listen to the whole thing, since it's not long, but if you need timestamps, I've got.

1:00: Tommy Schutt injury and related conversation

4:50: Ohio State's full basketball schedule discussion

8:00 Ohio State's week 1 game against Buffalo, whether they cover, who they expect to produce, etc

15:00 Forth and Long, and a discussion on stadium experience of live college football.