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Ohio State football players check in for Camp Meyer 2013

Another milestone on the calendar, Ohio State's football team checked in to the team hotel Saturday evening.

Just like the release of EA Sports' "NCAA Football" (and though still a tradition in its infancy, Friday Night Lights), the annual hotel check-in for the Ohio State football team marks not just the start of fall camp, but another calendar milestone to 'X' off in lead up to the end of the summer and the start of college football.

While sure, there's a bizarro people watch element to it, seeing who's been handling their conditioning, who's dressed like an extra from Miami Vice, and seeing who wheels in the most lavish electronics is always of interest.

The intrepid Josh Winslow is usually the standard bearer, and you can almost guarantee he's going to have an epic professional caliber gallery later tonight/early tomorrow. Buckeye Grove/Rivals' Ben Axelrod did the heavy lifting this year, and the result of his hard work, you can gawk at photos of the OSU football team as they arrive at the team hotel.

Redshirt sophomore Chris Carter's beard *is* mighty, though.