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Watch this: Ohio State football's new Leadership video is next level

Ohio State football's video thing has raised the bar. Again.

Ohio State has released yet another video to get fans pumped up about tomorrow's game against the Buffalo Bulls. The main focus in this video is obviously the challenge of stepping up into a leadership role not only in workouts, but on the field. Head coach Urban Meyer has mentioned in the past how he expects guys like Braxton Miller, who is mostly known as an introvert, to become more vocal in the huddle and start getting after his teammates.

The video itself features the Buckeyes sweating out the tough workouts and showing clips of specific players during the 2012 season, trying to show a relationship of how hard work can pay off when it comes to game day.

Guys like Jordan Hall, Philly Brown, Devin Smith, Corey Linsley and a few others are featured with the aforementioned game clips, and could probably be translated as the players that have stepped up into more of a leadership role. "Leadership makes the difference" is the theme here. We couldn't agree more.

We can thank David Trichel once again for preparing these types of clips. After this video, I'm pretty much ready to run through a wall. Is Saturday here yet?