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Ohio State vs. Buffalo score update: Miller, Hall, Buckeyes lead 23-0

The Buckeyes didn't waste any time, as Braxton Miller hit a bomb to Devin Smith for a 47 yard bomb, and Chris Fields for a 7 yard strike for another score. a pair of two point conversions and a long Jordan Hall run give the Bucks a 23-0 lead, and the blowout is on.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Buffalo won the test, touchback.

The Bulls were able to take advantage of Ohio State's relative inexperience on defense early, with Joe Licita hitting Alex Neutz for two quick passes for 17 yards, and then after converting a 3rd and short, hitting John Dunmore for 8 more. The Buckeyes were forced to burn a timeout early, but after stopping Buffalo on another 3rd and short, Buffalo had to use one of their own before attempting a 4th and 2 at the OSU 46.

That 4th and 2 quickly became a 4th and 7 after an ill-timed delay of game penalty, and then 4th and 12 after a false start penalty, forcing Buffalo to punt after a promising start.

The Buckeyes led off with a heavy dose of Jordan Hall, getting three quick carries for 17 yards, before uncorking a beautiful 47 yard bomb to Devin Smith off a play action for the score. An unexpected two point conversion gave the Bucks an 8-0 lead.

The Bulls started their second drive at their own 17. After grabbing a single first down after Branden Oliver, the Bulls stalled, forcing a punt.

Dontre Wilson gave the Buckeyes a taste of his much anticipated speed, taking a pass out of the backfield and turning it into a 17 yard gain, that could have easily gone for a touchdown. The Buckeyes didn't waste any time, as Braxton Miller was perfect again, hitting Chris Fields for a 24 yard gain, then Evan Spencer for 11, and finally rolling out and hitting Chris Fields again for a 7 yard score. Another 2 point conversion, and the Buckeyes were up 16-0.

Buffalo's next drive went nowhere, forcing the Bulls to punt on a 4th and 14, but a Buckeye rushing the punter bailed them out, giving them a first down. Buffalo took advantage, grabbing two quick first downs to drive back to near midfield. Ohio State once again pressured the Bulls into a 3rd and long, setting up another punt.

A holding penalty gave OSU a 1st and 18 from their own 8. An option run with Hall and a throw over the miller to Corey Brown allowed the Buckeyes to climb out of the hole. Braxton then scrambled out of the pocket for a 13 yard gain, headlined by Corey Brown's bonecrushing block.

Braxton's perfect streak ended at 7 passes, but Jordan Hall's 49 yard, untouched TD run gave Ohio State a 23-0 lead, and the blowout is ON.


Braxton Miller 7/8 103 yards, 2 TDs, 28 yards rushing

Jordan Hall, 7 carrie, 85 yards, 1 TD.

Loe Licata 6/12 52 yards

Branden Oliver 8 carries, 13 yards