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Ohio State vs. Buffalo score update: Guiton TD pass gives Bucks 37-20 lead

More sloppy play and cramps have slowed down the Buckeye attack, but the Buckeyes still lead 37-20

Kirk Irwin

Instead of blowing the game out of the water once Ohio State opened the 3rd quarter with the ball, cramps and poor execution have continued to make this game closer than they'd like.

Miller was sacked on 3rd down on the opening drive, fumbling, although the Bucks recovered.

Buffalo marched right down the field, thanks to two big catches from Alex Neutz. Joe Licata eventually found Neutz again for a 10 yard score, pulling to within 10, and sending Buckeye fans to twitter to complain.

To make matters worse, Braxton Miller had to miss several plays due to cramping from the hot Columbus sun. Thankfully for the team, Kenny Guiton stepped in admirably, and helped with a 91 yard yard, culminating with a 21 yard strike to Chris Fields, who has certainly earned his starting spot, pushing the margin back to a more respectable 37-20.

The best news for Buckeye fans might have been the return of Ryan Shazier for the last drive, returning after battling with cramps. Buffalo was able to convert a few 1st downs, including a key 4th and short near midfield, and a critical 15 yard penalty for playing after losing a helmet has put the Bulls into Buckeye territory leading into the 4th.

Key Stats

Braxton Miller: 15/20 178 yards 2 TDs, 1 INT

Kenny Guiton 1/1 21 yards, TD

Jordan Hall: 18 carries 153 yards, 2 TDs

Joe Licita 16/26 151 yards 2 TDs 1 INT

Branden Oliver 21 carries, 62 yards

TOTAL YARDS: Buffalo 211   Ohio State 379