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Ohio State recruiting: Brandon Wimbush, 2015 QB, talks OSU w/ LGHL

For the class of 2015, National Signing Day is far from here. However, this doesn't the action on the recruiting trail is slow. Today, we look ahead and get the latest on one of the top quarterbacks in 2015, Brandon Wimbush.

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It's never too early to start looking ahead when it comes to recruiting. After a good showing at Friday Night Lights, four star quarterback from New Jersey Brandon Wimbush has put himself in a good position with Ohio State going into his junior season. Though, the Buckeyes have yet to offer, Wimbush has the drive necessary to succeed at the next level and would be a player Buckeye Nation would be glad to welcome.

There’s no question that you are one of the top quarterbacks in the class of 2015. How do you deal with that kind of attention? Does it add any pressure?

I appreciate that and yes sir, it does. All eyes are on me and the rest of my teammates this year. I take it ALL in though.

I understand that you attended Friday Night Lights. Tell me what the atmosphere was like and how it felt being in the Horseshoe.

Yep, it was GREAT; didn't expect it to be such a big event for the Buckeye fans there. It showed me that you have to be 100% dedicated to what you came there for: football.

Do you have any other trips planned to Columbus? If not, would you like to get back there again?

Yes sir. We have a bye week and my friend Minkah Fitzpatrick and I were planning to make it down for a game. No other trips are planned for the offseason.

As of right now, where does Ohio State stand on your list?

They haven't offered, but if they did, they would be top three right away.

It's no secret that Ohio State is rich in tradition. What would it mean to you to receive an offer from the Buckeyes?

No question. It would mean I'm going to school for free and getting to play football at a top school, if not the top school in the country under one of the best coaches, if not THE best coach of all time. It would be amazing.

Urban Meyer has proved himself as one of the top coaches in college football and has coached quarterbacks like Alex Smith, Tim Tebow, and now Braxton Miller. Have you given any thought of what it might be like to follow in their footsteps?

You hear all those names and you think, "able to run", except maybe Timmy *laughs*. But it would be great because [Coach Meyer] likes to surround the rest of his offense around the QB and I would love to be that person under him.

At this stage in your career, how would you describe yourself as a runner whether it be a designed run or making something out of a broken play?

We are implementing the triple option offense this year so I'll have many chances to run the ball for touchdowns by design and on broken plays. I had a couple of those last year and was able to gain a good amount of yards on most of them. I hope we don't have too many [broken plays] this year.

I don't know how many Urban Meyer-led teams you've watched in the past, but do you think your skill set would allow you to excel in his kind of offense?

Yes sir, most definitely. Because even though the offense would surround me, it wouldn't be all me, you know? I would have plenty of other playmakers to help.

I'm sure you've heard that Coach Meyer is a fiery, competitive guy: Do those kind of traits from a head coach pull you closer to a program?

Yes sir, that's exactly the way my high school head coach is right now. I mean, no coach wants to lose, but it's the way they prevent that from happening. Coach Meyer goes about his business pretty well and recruits the type of kids that love to play under such a high energy coach.

What part of your game would you like to see yourself improve the most this upcoming season?

My decision making and being a smarter quarterback.

At this point, what Buckeye coach have you been in contact with the most?

Coach Warinner, I would say, and I've called Coach Herman a couple of times, too. I enjoy speaking with both of them.


Favorite pro sports team: Not a big favorite team guy, more of a favorite player guy. I do like the 49ers and the Clippers in the NBA.

Favorite Movie: Avatar or Fast 6.

Number one goal at the next level: Keep going to the next level. There isn't a top till I get where Cris Carter was a few nights ago.

I would like to thank Brandon for taking the time to do this interview. We hope he has a great junior season this coming fall.