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Braxton Miller cleared by Ohio State in link to Johnny Manziel autograph broker

Braxton Miller's been cleared by Ohio State – in something no one in particular was alleging him of.


Though who this was a subject of great scrutiny to (other than of course Ohio State compliance) is certainly up to interpretation, the Associated Press reports Ohio State's cleared Braxton Miller of any wrongdoing in connection to autographs reportedly possessed by the same dealer alleged by ESPN to have paid Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel for his signatures.

"We've already looked at it. There's no issue there," OSU athletic director Gene Smith told the AP. ''No. No. There's nothing. But we're not the only school — there's a bunch of athletes up there and I'm sure (those schools) are all checking," he added.

The blog Busted Coverage posted screenshots of items for sale on eBay signed by Miller earlier Wednesday appearing to be from one of the autograph brokers making claims to ESPN about autographs obtained from the Heisman Trophy winner Manziel in exchange for compensation. Of course there's not even a smoking gun that Manziel himself was compensated for his signatures, much less Miller, Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater, and others who've been tied circumstantially to the memorabilia dealer.

Alas, simply having signed something that someone else is selling isn't proof in and of itself that any wrongdoing occurred in the first place. And unless that individual agrees to cooperate with the NCAA in any kind of investigation, there won't exactly be any momentum on situations like this regardless.